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Liu Kang
Name: Liu Kang-Lao
DOB: December 1517, China, Earth
DOD:  October 21st, 2018, Outworld
Alignment: Evil
Bio: Once a noble Shaolin warrior from Earth, now a ruthless assassin for Outworld, Liu Kang has skills that rival those of the Elders! He seeks to gain revenge on Earth for the pain he suffered there. He is a descendant of Kung Lao I.


First of all, the idea to make him evil came from Mortal Kombat Legacy, in case you were wondering. Second of all, that scar he has on his face is something I made up called the scar of Outworld. You will see that on all the Outworld chars that I will upload. The orange comes from you know, his Shaolin roots. The green is a reference to Hornbuckle.
Torso was used from a Ryu micro I found on Google Images.

Credit goes to: SpiderTrekfan616
Now to start on my Mortal Kombat project...
Red Rum 18's Absolute DC: Wonder Woman
Final redesign for Red-Rum-18's Birthday (which is today!). This time I have redesigned Wonder Woman!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK! May God bless you on this wonderful day!

Now to get started on my Mortal Kombat project...
Red-Rum-18's Absolute DC: Superman
Yet another redesign I did for the big (boss) man's B-day. I decided to go a bit classic with this one as you can see. Also his hair is brown instead of blonde. That just looked better to me.

Happy Birthday, Rick!

Credit goes to KingCozy7 and the big man himself, Red-Rum-18.
Recently, xblackfired10 started a new DC universe called Earth-24. I saw it and it was really good. This inspired me to do something new as well. I'm thinking doing a new universe instead of my current one, Golden DC. This gives me a chance to change my microhero style to the more detailed type. So from now on, my micros are going to be a lot more detailed than what I usually do. I also want to use this as a way to try out new ideas because usually when I do my Golden DC stuff I end up thinking of another character origin then go "Aww! I should have used that!" Then I end up retconning it or changing the character design once every few days. Also, I don't have the willpower to do another design to replace that crap Red Robin design I did for Tim Drake...

Anyway here are some things that I'm going to have in mind when doing my new DCU:
  • Thomas Wayne will be Batman. Bruce and Martha Wayne will be dead.
  • Robin will be African-American. Thank Marlon Wayans for that!Wink/Razz 
  • Mister X stated this as well, superheroes these days are getting too young! As a result of this Batman is gonna be a billionaire turned soldier in WW2. He gets frozen by scientist Victor Fries and wakes up in 2017 the year he becomes a crime fighter. 
The rest I'll leave the you guys to figure out as I the series progresses. I'll need some feedback though!


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